Neil Nitin Mukesh insults Shahrukh Khan in Filmfare Awards

Did this stupid binder really just tell the greatest Bollywood actor of all time to shut up? WHO THE FUCK does this guy think he is? SRK has set standards for the Bollywood acting industry that no man ever will. Where as this punk ass bitch has only made 2 movies and is a fuckin remake of Hritik Roshan(lets be honest). Sitting within ten rows of any actors in that ceremony even useless Katrina doesn’t mean shit.

i really dont understand Lana Del Rey…. i think she tries to hard to be cool, but really is an emotionless weirdo, id like to walk to her one day slap her in the face cuz she looks like a retarded zombie. And her name sounds like some Delhi restaurant, and her lips? WTF its like they hate being on her face and are trying to runaway every time she talks. Not to mention she even talks like a slow piece of left over shit and her songs are dumb and make no sense and she stands like shes a constipated hill billy