FlanaganMaverick Everyone

Man, I blogged way too much tonight. need to do some homework, have lots to do still, I keep putting it off saying I’ll do it tomorrow, and then it never gets done. oh well. Blue Bloods is on. I love Donnie Wahlberg so much. He’s amazing. Really wanted Starbucks tonight, but decided to be healthy, and decided not to get one (I’ll probably end up getting something tomorrow, HAHA typical) (Joking, I WILL NOT do that!) . I’m trying to be healthier this year. So far so good. Been having lots more fruit and veggies lately. Been making this super good smoothie every morning for breakfast like everyday this week. So delicious. Now I just need to keep up with it and start exercising more and getting outside more… & not leaving so many things to the last minute. Just leaves me stressed, which is not good. This year should also be a year for change and new experiences. I want to venture out; watch different styles of movies, listen to different kinds of music, wear different styles of clothes, eat at different restaurants, visit new places (any suggestions let me know). Why not give new things a try, right? Also, want to continue with helping to change the world, and help people out. Feels good to help others. I want do more random acts of kindness, like when I’m out at Starbucks I should buy someone else a drink. Also want to give out more compliments. Things like that can help if someone’s having a bad day.



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