That Moment

When you realize you can practically track down how someone looked like every year, Down to months and days, depending on how often they update their social media. There once was a time people remembered each other through memory not filters.


This morning my teacher wrote on the board “When was the last time you walked away from something or someone”

i wrote:

I can’t remember a time where i walked away from something or someone. I know i have at some point in my life, but right now the only walking i remember is me coming to school this morning. This thought lead me to all the memories i had walking to school. As a child and newly landed immigrant my siblings and i would hold hands and walk to school. Then slowly as the years passed and my siblings graduated i had less hands to hold, which motivated me to make friends so that at least if i if i didn’t have any hands to hold; i had companions which walked the same path as i did. The same companions i walked to school with this morning. So i guess what i’m trying to say is that, although i do not recall walking away from someone i do remember walking next to them.


Such; which are kept

she told him one

Whispering as the words rode her breath

He listened. Inventively.

she made sure he did

A  smile arose from his face

She responded with a quite laugh

He turned his head to face hers

Her hand drifted from his ear

Then he stared, and examined; putting words to face

She paid attention, with envy of how he did that

He read her like an unexplored book

she wondered if he would ever “love her too”

He decided he was going to take his time with this book

Then he said “i always have”